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Site general description
Situated on the Bulgarian side of the Danube river between the 391 and the и 393 km, at 18 km from Silistra. Coordinates: N 44.06.52 E 27.04.41; UTM grid NJ 08. Altitude: 10 - 111 m. Area: 902,1 ha (reserve), 600 ha (of Ramsar place), 602 ha (Biosphere reserve). In 1942 the lake “Srebarna” was declared a protected site, in 1948 it has declared as a Natural reserve, and in 1977 it became a biosphere reserve. In 1985 Srebarna was put on UNESCO list.

Ecosystem characterization
“Srebarna” is a eutrophic lake. It is inhabited by many plant and animal species. Some of the bird species (Pelecanus crispus, Phalacrocorax pygmeus) are rare or endangered. The biological diversity of Srebarna is very high. There were established 1116 genera and 2748 taxa, belonging to 47 classes and 24 phyla (Michev et al. 1998). According to Corine Biotope Project there are 13 types of habitats.

Available data and parameters
From 1998 ecological monitoring is being carried out by CLGE in Srebarna. Different biotic and abiotic parameters are being monitored (see Table).

Expected additional parameters and indicators
This is a site which can be a hot spot for socio-ecological studies in the context of the LTSER platform of LTER-EUROPE

Responsible Institution – Central Laboratory of General Ecology - BAS

Site coordinator & reference person

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Luchezar Pehlivanov
1113 Sofia, 2, Yuri Gagarin str.
Phone:+359 2 8717195
Fax: + 359 2 8705498
E-mail: lzp@ecolab.bas.bg

CLGE has a research laboratory with only basic field equipment and a living house.

Research projects and funding institutions
  • Caracterization of the ichthyofauna in different types of water bodies as indicator for the state of hydroecosystems – BAS
  • Identifying important herpetological areas with European significance in Bulgaria – BAS
  • Ecology and migration of Pelicanus crispus Bruch in Bulgaria – BAS
  • Interrelationship models of neighbouring lotic and lentic ecosystems in the processe of recovery and development of aquatic communities in wetlands of the Lower Danube terrace, NSF- B1307
  • Biotopic distribution and communities of terrestrial small mammals in the region of the Srebarna Biosphere Reserve – NSF- B1316
  • Complex ecological monitoring of the Srebarna Biosphere Reserve since 2001– MOEW 2854
  • Structure, distribution and dynamic of the zooplankton in the Srebarna Biosphere Reserve – (with Ukraine) – Bilateral project MES
  • Mapping of reed islets around the breeding place of Pelicanus crispus Bruch in the Srebarna Biosphere Reserve with purpose of establishing a new places for nesting – MOEWBioWetMan: A science based approach to understand biodiversity driven functions and services for improving wetland management – Austrian Science Organization
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